Respect Initiative

Our goal is to create a calm, cooperative learning environment through a Respect Initiative. Our community standards of behavior are a key part of the Respect Initiative. Classroom teachers need to introduce students about these standards on the first day of school and to use them extensively. Parents will be getting them with a letter that they are supposed to sign to indicate that they have discussed the standards with our children. It is important to go back to the standards periodically, to reinforce them. To connect to the Respect Initiative, we will be starting a “Kindness Campaign”. We will highlight acts of kindness both school wide and in the classroom. In addition, every week we will post around the school “kindness quote of the week” said by influential men and women. Behavior in the schoolyard and lunchroom are important parts of our respect initiative. All adults working in the yard must be actively supervising play. 


An important part of the respect initiative is teaching children that ALL adults in the school are responsible for all children. Children need to hear this from their classroom teachers. And, teachers need to be willing to stop children who are not from their classes when they are doing things that violate our Community Standards of Behavior. Similarly, we are hoping to approach this from a positive perspective through our kindness campaign, and we encourage teachers to recognize acts of kindness by children in the hall as well.  Appropriate behavior in the halls and bathrooms is another aspect of our Respect Initiative. A crucial aspect of our Respect Initiative focuses on respecting diversity of families in our school community. 


Thank you for your cooperation in creating a safe and nurturing learning environment for our children!

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