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Pre-K Philosophy

At WCSS, we are committed to balancing a focus on learning through play and challenging our children in ALL academic areas and around The Next Generation Learning Standards. Our workshop approach to teaching means that Pre-K students spend most of the day working in groups, partnerships and learning independence. Instruction is differentiated in centers to meet each child’s learning need. We spend considerable time developing strong classroom communities and work hard on social and emotional skill development. Choice/Center time is a key component to our Pre-K curriculum as well as fostering a holistic, loving and nurturing learning environment. 


Pre-K Curriculum At-A-Glance


  • Reading/Writing: How do we listen to stories?  How do we write to express ourselves?
  • Building Blocks Math:
    • Counting verbally
    • exploring manipulatives
    • Subitizing (recognizing a small group of numbers without counting them)
    • recognize and make groups of 1 or more
    • produce simple rhythmic patterns
  • Classroom routines and rules, Getting to know each other, Introducing Centers, navigating our classroom


    • Reading/Writing:  What is an author?  How do good writers use writing center materials to tell a story?


  • Building Blocks Math:


    • Participating in rhythmic patterns
    • Connecting number words to quantities
    • make groups of up to 5 items
    • 1:1 Correspondence
    • Count verbally to 5 with understanding
    • Name familiar 2-dimensional shapes/Matching shapes
    • Describe why certain shapes are not circles


    • Reading/Writing: How do good readers treat their books? What is an illustrator?  How do good writers use color?


  • Building Blocks Math:


  • Produce a Group of 1-5 Objects
  • creating equal groups using 1:1 Correspondence
  • Comparing two groups of objects
  • Naming/Describing shapes
  • Matching Familiar Shapes
  • Recognizing Numerals


    • Reading/Writing: How do good readers use pictures to tell a story?  How do good writers use shapes to tell a story?


  • Building Blocks Math:


  • To recognize, duplicate and repeat patterns
  • To count beyond 10
  • Matching and naming shapes and their attributes
  • Patterning


  • Reading/ Writing:  Story Acting, How do  good writers include who/what/where?  
  • Building Blocks Math:  
    • Comparing and naming shapes
    • shape attributes
    • counting forward and backward from 10
    • adding and subtracting small numbers


  • Reading/Writing: How do good readers think about how a character is feeling?  How do good writers label their pictures?
  • Building Blocks Math:
    • Counting objects to 10 and beyond
    • producing a certain amount of objects up to 10
    • comparing and ordering numbers


    • Reading/Writing: Finding rhyming words in our stories, Story Acting with Props


  • Building Blocks Math:
  • Composing Shapes to make pictures,
  • Count to and back from 10 and Beyond,
  • Adding small numbers, Quickly recognize sum of two small groups,
  • Describe shapes in term of their attributes



    • Reading/Writing: How do good readers take care of their book baggies and make predictions?  How do we connect writing with play?


  • Building Blocks Math
  • Counting and Producing,
  • Counting backward from 10,
  • Counting from N (N+1, N-1…),
  • Adding small numbers, Serial Ordering of numbers,
  • Identifying parts of shapes,



    • Reading/Writing: Reading with Partners, Using shapes and colors in our pictures/labeling


  • Building Blocks Math:
  • Ordinal Counting, Conceptual Subitizing,
  • Composing numbers,
  • Counting from N/Back from 10,
  • Identifying Parts of Shapes, Constructor of shapes,
  • identifying attributes of shapes, Adding numbers,
  • quickly recognizing total number of 2 small groups



    • Reading/Writing:  Finding the sentence patterns in our books, Writing stories across pages


  • Building Blocks Math
  • Buliding Blocks Review based on students’ needs (Counting, shapes, adding and subtracting)


 Grade appropriate apps and websites!



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