Waterside After School Activities

3D Printing Club with Mrs. Camuti, Mrs. Bernstein, Mrs. Endo

Thursdays 2:20-3:50

Art Club (Grades 1&2) with Ms. Bogart

2nd- Wednesdays 2:20-4:00

3rd-Thursdays 2:20-4:00

Band with Mr. Keller

Thursdays 2:20-3:50

Basketball (Grades 4&5) with Mr. Bernstein and Mr. Garcia

Mondays 2:20-4:20

Chess Club (Grades 2-5) with Mr. Fishman and Mrs. Harter

Thursdays 2:20-3:50

Dance Company with Ms. Wehrman

Fridays 2:20-3:50

Dance Team with Ms. Wehrman

Tuesdays 2:20-3:40

Soccer(Grades 3-5) with Mrs. Bernstein and Mr. Bombardier

Wednesdays 2:20-4:10

Theatre Club with Ms. Getchius

Thursdays 2:20-3:20