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December 2019

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Ms. Katie is getting a chicken coop for our school roof! This way, we will always have fresh eggs for breakfast. Ms. Katie is too clumsy to carry the eggs all the way down to the cafeteria, and wants to drop them down from the roof to Ms. Kenya, so she can cook them. Ms. Kenya says we are dropping them from so high up and eggs are so delicate. She wants us to use upcycled,  materials to build a contraption to keep the eggs safe.Related image

Click here for the optional Waterside Egg Drop Resources


  1. The Egg holder length, width, and height must each measure 8 inches or less
  2. The egg holder must be able to be carried in 1 hand
  3. The egg must be easily loaded and removed by a 3rd party in 10 seconds
  4. Materials can come from home, but the egg drop contraption must be completed in school

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