Hi! My name is Maeve. I was born April 18, 2008.I have a twin brother named Ronan. I also have a dad named Colin and a mom named Maura. I love them so much but Ronan can be a little annoying sometimes.


I like to play tennis with my dad on our block. I also like to garden with my mom and right now we have carrots that are growing and there seedlings and there is a strawberry that is going to be full grown by summer.

I want to be???

When I grow up, I want to be a motorcyclist at the circus and do all sorts of tricks. One of  the tricks I want to do is a flip.Another one is a wheelie.And last but not least,a wheelie while spinning!


My favorite food is a taco with beans,sour cream,and graded sharp cheddar cheese.My favorite video game is minecraft. My favorite magic trick is the disappearing coin trick.My favorite animal is a dog.Minecraft2-3.jpg


 Right now our house is getting elevated so in case of another flood, all we have to do is go to middle village for one night,stay at our cousins house,go home and everything is back to normal.Part of the reason I want to move home is so I can get a miniature poodle.I plan on naming the dog …Jakie.But for now, I have a dog to practice with.His name is Angus and he’s a Goldendoodle and he’s a black and turning 3 this year,August 13th,on lefty day! I’m excited about that because…………………………………………………………………….I’m a lefty!564260413_7aaf42126e_z.jpg

Be careful

You should always be careful.Once, when I was in PK, I went to the park with my friend Sara,and I thought I could climb the ladder with no hands. when I tried, I fell off,landed on my arm and broke it.

About steam317

when i was born 09/03/2008
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