Hey!!  i’m jazlyn   today  i’m gonna tell you facts about me!

jazlyn’s       Hobbie

i love to make desert. i make desert often with jazlyn cousin

I love to create chapters and i love to visit animals and play with them

go to beach church camp and i see tray and we play games at church




i have alot of friends i love spending time with my bff and i also like spending time with my cousins dog alot because its fun now my friends name’s .1 kaylee .2 Uma .3 Dillon .4 jenffer .5 angel 6.anica .7   my cousins now .1 anthony .2 Avah 3. madison

Who i like to spend time with

i like spending with my neighbor Uma and  Also my cousins because they are fun to play with and i Love to play outside with them because they are really fun to be with i really love play video games with them and with uma  i love to do Kawaii things with  her playing msp and making kawaii characters with her because we love drawing kawaii cats because its  actually like and love to do it.i like playing with kaylee

What i want to be when i grow up ?

i want to be a game producer because i love to make characters and i love to make games and i thought it will be my fun its for adults kids and i am gonna make sure its safe and u wont need  to add your real password u can do a fake one and u just need a username not your real name

i love

i love to play with dogs and cat’s and those are my favorite animal / pet because cats help your heart and dogs help blind people and i also love to make pictures and look them up and copy it to see how to draw it i also love to be with my cousins and do rp s

Jazlyn’s favorite desert ❤

jazlyn favorite desert is cookie dough ice cream and red velvet cake and i love chips

jazlyn favorite food favorite food is bacon ham burgers  and if they don’t have it i eat salad or soap

 Jazlyn’s favorite movie

A dogs purpose because its sad and i like it alot and i  like captain underpants because its funny and the principle has traps in his office  Red-Velvet-Cake-with-Cream-Cheese-Frosting_landscape-680x516.jpgB822625112Z.1_20160722215216_000_G9P1N7AV7.1_Content

About steam317

when i was born 09/03/2008
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