Adesewa odesanya

Hi my name is Adesewa I go by my middle name but my first name is Barakat and i am from Africa an I moved to America when I was 6 so basically spend about 5 years in Africa.But my family is best but my mom is more better she buys everything I want for me.And I am A Muslim
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My hobbies are to play with my best friends watch Tv or watch movies.And my favourite thing to do is gymnastics.




The most person I like to spend time with is Kaylee She is the kindest person or best and friend I have ever met Like we spend time joking around with her in class or at recess we have fun together all the time and I care for her when she Is sick or injured.And we will always be best friends forever.

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Adesewa’s favorite food is fried rice with smoked turkey.And my favorite dessert is ice cream.And i most likely like to watch scary movies.And i want to be a vetinarian because i like to spend time with animals especially dogs

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when i was born 09/03/2008
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