Marris was born on August 15,2008.Marris has some hobbies and those hobbies are soccer,art,saying jokes to her third grade teacher to make her smile and Mrs.Endo does smile and making people smile makes her happy.Marris has many friends and their names are

  • Adriana C.
  • Gloria
  • Angelina
  • Leon the stuff lion of Angelina’s
  • Angelique
  • Hayden
  • Adriana S.
  • Mia
  • Tishe

Things that Marris likes.Marris likes cute little puppies,cute little kittens,baby huskies and adult huskies.Marris loves all animals even if there ugly.She likes Volleyball but it hurts her wrist sometimes.

WHEN Marris was younger she was in Waterside for Pre-k and in Belle Harbor for  kindergarten,1st,and 2nd.Then Marris went back to Waterside for 3rd,fourth and fifth grade.Marris was hoping that she was going to get into Scholars middle school with my friends Hayden and Gloria.The cutest puppies are on the bottom.Marris also has a cat and a dog and their names are Mizti and Mala.


About steam317

when i was born 09/03/2008
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