john the puppy lover

john was born in april 14, 2008 his favorite dog is baby husky and he loves god alot and loves a teacher name ms.roe.

his friends are  didier ,jamal,marris,hayden,tysheen,jayden and ian.

he love puterico he loves technology and his favorite games is  hello neibour and minecraft I want to be like tonny from 13 reasons why and my favorite sport is football.

and trey is a perfect friend sometimes and his favorite water park is great wolf lodge and loves eating sharks and his dad is at Tennessee and the rest of my parents are with me and my mom and dad are not really marry.

and he never ever wants to leave puterico  and wants to go england .

and  he loves going  hiking behind his house at puterico



good bye everyone love you!!!!!!!

About steam317

when i was born 09/03/2008
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