Jevaughn Mekhi Methurinn was born on the last day of January.Even though he’s never actually read a comic book he is still in to superheroes.He has many talents.

  • Singing
  • dancing
  • basketballth-2.jpg
  • kickball
  • football
  • artth

Jevaughn likes singing and dancing to old music like BellBivDevoe and new edition and Boyz 2 men.he feels the world is divded into two kinds of people.People who know how the world looks and follow the people who try to make the world into what they think it is.And people who try to make the world what they think it is.Jevaughn likes Roblox,Minecraft, and 2k games.jevaughn has a Youtube channel.His favorite Youtuber is Jake Paul.As a pet Jevaughn would want a hamster.Jevaughn is Jamaican, Panamanian, and haitian.He is half spanish since he’s Panamanian.

Photo on 6-22-17 at 11.25 AM #2


Jevaughn is serious about his work.He is very bright.His favorite show is the Thundermans.Jevaughn’s favorite channel is


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when i was born 09/03/2008
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