Benjamin game liker

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   Chapter 1    BENJAMIN was born  October 29 2008 he like’s hot dog’s because it’s delicious and it’s awesome also Benjamin love’s to watch diary of a wimpy kid dog day’s and he love’s soccer and kickball also he like’s playing tag and zombie tag also his favorite sports player is Michael Jordan because. He was a super basket ball super star.And his favorite singer is Michael Jackson also his favorite song is Bad also he love’s to do math and his favorite thing to do is play video game’s and play with his family and friend’s he also love’s to go on laptop’s.And his favorite subject is gym and technology also his most favorite book is Diary of a wimpy kid old school.Also he love’s to wright story’s about him self and wright fairy tale’s and ushuly he play’s roblox .Allot because it’s fun to play game’s to have fun playing and he love’s video game’s.His faverit song is what do you mean and he ushly sing’s it allot.His faveret video game is lego and online games and his faveret t.v. show is Henry danger his great thing that he has ever done was when he ride.His bike for 2 hour’s in one day and that was fun for him and he loved it so much it was awsome

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when i was born 09/03/2008
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