Samantha was born July 6 2008.Her hobbies are eating,sleeping,and hanging out with my friends:). Her interest’s are cats and drawing.Her favorite movie is Moana.She loves almost every  dessert.In School her favorite prep is gym.

Her Friend’s

  1. Olivia
  2. Jada D.
  3. Julia W.
  4. Adriana C.
  5. Elisa M.
  6. Adriana S.
  7. Angelique L.
  8. Alyssa
  9. Yeva
  10. Levana
  11. Aaliyah
  12. Sara Rosas (my sister)

The people she likes to spend time with are her mom and dad.

She loves her family.She has a brother,sister,mother,and a father.Me and my sister share a room.We have so much fun together

Her favorite youtuber’s are pat and jen.They are populurMMOs




Samantha loves cats.



Samantha loves derpy faces as you can see.

She has so many toys.Her favorite toys to play with are. . . .  . . .  . . . . . . ..

  • lego’s
  • squishie’s
  • dash and dot
  • fidget spinners

Her favorite anime is one punch man.


Shout out to my sister sara!!!!!!Feel better soon!!!!!

About steam317

when i was born 09/03/2008
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