jeremiah :3

Jeremiah loves dogs. and Jeremiah is on a soccer  and he is about to be on a soccer team.Jeremiah have two pit bulls an and they are love full Jeremiah favorite desert

is cookies and cream ice cream  JEREMIAH like pizza.JEREMIAH favorite movie is the boss baby. my favorite  color  is green  I LIKE TO COLOR  AND  I RUN REALLY FAST :3  now lets look at jeremiah best dogs
he love them.


The Snack Was For Me

my dogs fight hehe they bad;o.

MY FRAVORITE DOGS n.n ❤   i now it is      weird to now all this but he made a website about his self so hehe i now hes a great soccer player i watch him on you tube cause he a you tuber his team is brooklyn super stars and he was trying to teach his dogs soccer but they play foot ball ;( and he dont like foot ball cause u can get hurt Jeremiah came from from Guyana he do a lot of things he take care of his dogs a lot is it u are getting to know a lot of stuff he have  like  in his family 400 people   that crazy.he he i now right his dogs was saved from the aspca  he dont want no dogs to be sad cause they should  have a good life they have a short life for dogs hehe thats why i have so many dogs. they protect you thats why i thouget why don,t i  have dogs his  dogs are the best hehe his dogs are so cool  ;p    sorry for using orange alot                                                                 JEREMIAH BEST  FRIENDS       

1.JOEL  me and joel is like brothers we like to play soccer and are really close. we both run really fast.;                 5 gaby                           2.ANGELIQUE this is one of my best friends we both funny run fast play soccer and dance he he.;     6ian are f we when we first met we run really fast

3 IAN me and him are funny^.6

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when i was born 09/03/2008
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