XAY .-.N00bz :3

Hello my name is xay and i like MINECRAFT and robloxs.

And i have i lot of Homies to play with at school like jayden and cal so and i like playing call of duty on my xbox 1 and i have a lot of friends on roblox and i play a lot of obbys on roblox so basicly i have a bunch of obbys on my home page and i have over 200 friends from roblox and also i love playing with my friends outside at resses and we play mlg tag it is very fun beacause you get to be your own mlg charecter my Hobbys are being lazy :3

and i like help my mom at the laudrymat and that it lol. and i have 3 sister makala,nyla and oriana they are all not very nicešŸ˜°.

About steam317

when i was born 09/03/2008
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