jamal nike boy

jamal was born in november 10 2008  his favoritie sport is soccer and his favoritie team is real madrid and barcelona and hes going to be a soccer player and his team is going  to real madrid hes from yemen he loves soccer alot he loves the game minecraft in his life the store he likes is walmart target toys u rus  keyfood  his favoritie soccer player is ronaldo neymar rooney his favoritie youtuber is vikkstar123 and w2s] he love his dad and mom his baby brother and sister and brother his school name is ps317 waterside school jamal grade is 3grade his brother grade is kindergarden ko3 jamal favorite animal is alot of animal in his congry theres alot of hailadays theres a hailaday of candy he loves his congry his teacher name is ms.endo and ms.roe jamal favorite coler is blue and orenge green red jamal loves his school jamal best friends are is didier bryan saleh walter  jaser brotin luis trey steven dameine  jashowe justen jafree sinteeago at the summer jamal and didier are going to the soccer feald at smaxresdefaultummer there going to be in  the same team the team name is dots like dts to jamal wonder that he had a new dirtbike that is cool his dad  is going to buy a cool laptop jamal 4grade teacther is ms.oconer luis is going to be in my class bryan walter saleh jamal dad is so nice EVEN hes nice.

About steam317

when i was born 09/03/2008
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